23.11 2018
Learn about the famous Thai massage

Learn about the famous Thai massage

Massage takes a very important role in Thailand. It is one of the ancient arts of wisdom of this Asian country which has wide influences in many other countries of the world such as China and America.

Massage is not only for relaxing, but it is also a good way of healing by hands which cares many diseases. You may want to learn more about Thai massage. So here are some points to help you get more knowledge about the famous massage in Thailand.

Description of a Thai massage

The first thing to know is, Thai massage aims to relax the body, heal and cure a variety of diseases. This to say that you must get better after each massage session. It is a common way of getting speedy recovery in Thailand.

Thai massage mainly includes meditative rocking, yogic stretching, reflexology and gentle pressure along the body. If you have never had Thai message before, it may seem to be weird to you at the first time, but if you are used to it you will never go back.

The massage can be done fully clothed on a special massage futon. The therapist will crouch over you and start by your legs. They may use the total weight of their body to make you move in different positions during the massage.

Benefits of Thai massage

The benefits are many. This is why many local people and foreigners are interested in going to have Thai massage. Here are the good results that you can expect after the session of massage: 

  • It releases you from tiredness and stress. 
  • It straightens your body, mind and spirit and balance them. 
  • It makes your mind more comfortable and in peace. 
  • It fixes the functioning problem of your body: organs, blood, lymph, digestive and respiratory systems. 
  • It recovers the body and cures several illnesses like headaches, migraines, back pains.

What happens during the massage session?

You put on loose or stretchy clothing and then they will ask you to lie down on a futon. Thai message is mainly done by hand or fingers. It is characterized by a series of rhythmic pressing movements which work on the muscle. The therapist crouches by the patient's side and moves him/her in different positions. Therapist tries different technics during the massage in order to apply the therapy on all your body.

Best places for massage in Bangkok

Going to a spa massage is one of the most important things that visitors should not miss in Thailand. It is believed that it will make your stay unforgettable by remembering the good time you have when having Thai massage. Here are among the greatest places for massages in Thailand. 

  • Local Massage Shop 
  • Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage 
  • Sayamon Massage 
  • MaiThai Massage 
  • Zen Tara Massage & Spa 
  • Feel Good Massage

Traveling to Thailand

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