03.12 2018
Best items to bring back from your trip in Thailand

Best items to bring back from your trip in Thailand

Thailand is located in South East Asia. The capital city is Bangkok. Famous tourist attractions are beaches, royal palaces, Buddhist temples, and ruins. Thailand is famous for its landmarks and cultural diversity. The best time to go there is from November to March when the weather is cool and dry.

However, you can travel cheaper if you go to Thailand during the rainy season, which is from March to September. If you visit Thailand, you will be fascinated by its marketplaces full of interesting items. In order to memorize your trip to Thailand, it is common to bring back some souvenirs.

What are the best items to bring back from Thailand?

Thai products are high quality; they make very good souvenirs for your close friends and family. If you look for accessories, here are the best things to buy:

  • Thai silk products: Thai silk scarves are good souvenirs, because they are light-weight, and come in different colors. Other silk products are a tie, a cushion case, a pillow case, or a silk handbag.
  • Silver jewelry: Thailand silver items are authentic and they are sealed with a stamp. The choice is yours when you buy these accessories. They are all handmade: bracelets, ear rings, rings, necklaces, and more.
  • Spa and aroma products: Buying these products from Thailand prevents you from buying fake ones in another shopping area. Soothing balms, scented soaps, herbal massage packs, essential oils and spa products can be bought at a reasonable price in Thai Markets. Thai massage is very popular and if you are used to getting a massage, spa and aroma products will be essential for you. 
  • A piece of clothing: This makes a good souvenir gift for children, teens, for your spouse, and even for yourself. It is light weight to pack in your luggage. For example, you can buy a T-shirt, or Muay Thi shorts.

If you are interested in arts, the best souvenir items are:

  • A rare piece of antique: Although expensive, these antiques represent a lot of memories from your trip to Thailand. Some items need to be checked with the Department of Fine Arts because they are part of the Thai heritage. This applies to the statue of Buddha and some other items.
  • Thai crafts: you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Thai handcrafts at the craft market. There is a wide range of choice, from pottery, vases, woven baskets, figurines, beads and necklaces, and more.

Plan your trip to Thailand

Thailand is famous for its affordable shopping items. What's more, it is the best place to go for the best items. The shopping trip is more fascinating since Thailand is endowed with fascinating landmarks and tourist attractions. You may need to ride from a city to another to shop for the things you need.

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