The complete guide for a relaxing trip in Thaïland

The complete guide for a relaxing trip in Thaïland

Thailand is renowned for its beautiful beaches and beautiful scuba diving sites. This country has indeed among the most beautiful spots of diving in the world with in particular the famous Similan Islands and very well-known sites such as the Island of Koh Phi Phi or the Island of Koh Lanta. Thailand has become in recent years the largest scuba diving school on earth with tourists from all over the world traveling to Ko Tao to learn to dive.

A perfect tourist site

The country is really beautiful and it is easy to understand why Thailand attracts so many tourists around the world. Thailand offers visitors some of the most beautiful beaches that exist, beautiful islands, beautiful coral reefs, quality food and a very interesting culture in a tropical climate.

In addition, like its neighboring countries, Thailand is a humid (70% humidity or more all the year) and warm (20 ° the night in winter and up to 35 ° in summer) country: nothing more to delight the beach lovers. In short, Thailand has many advantages if you are looking for your next dive travel destination: ­

  •   Cheap flights to Bangkok or Phuket ­
  •   Developed tourist infrastructure ­
  •   A very welcoming Thai population ­
  •   English is commonly spoken ­
  •   A very safe country, no need to worry about your security ­
  •   A place where it is possible to dive all year round

Some destinations in Thailand are so popular and full of tourists such as Phuket. If you want to avoid hordes of tourists, this may not be the ideal place. However, it is still possible to find places off the beaten track; it is an island with very little traffic.

The country of smiles

The Thai seeks to find fun and entertainment in everything they do. Even difficult tasks related to hard work can be done in a "sanuk" way. It's a life principle. Thus, it is common to see street workers, housekeepers or taxi drivers singing while working. The fact that supermarket workers are dozing on the shelves seems normal in Thailand.

Of course, they love their job, but this time of relaxation is part of the working time. That allows them to work in the best conditions and be successful. In the Thai culture, it is essential to be available for the group, live together and especially play a game together.

Discover a total relaxing trip in Thaïland now

If you are planning your vacation soon, or not, thinking of Thailand is a great idea. Relaxation, discovery and good mood will be on the program for families, friends, and couples or even for solo travelers.

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